@phil Fantastic voyage script version 1


Animation starts with a black screen

Crewmember one –

This is the mothership all systems are good and we are ready to launch


can we have lights

Lights on the mothership light up the mouth

crewmember one –

launching in t-minus……….We have liftoff

mothership takes off and heads towards stomach



mothership is in the stomach in stomach acid

Crewmember one-

 the mothership is disintegrating


 deploy all antibiotic ships

 the antibiotic is released from the mothership and the antibiotic ships make their way towards the stomach lining where they enter the bloodstream



antibiotic ships make their way through the bloodstream searching for the bad bacteria the antibiotic finds bad bacteria

Crewmember one-

We have bad bacteria incoming


squad one advance on bacteria

crewmember one-
             yes Sir


antibiotic ships lands on the surface of the bacteria and a tube from the ship is injected it to the bacteria

A heads up display from inside the ship pops up and explains the process(explaining how the bacteria is killed)

Narration-(explains the science behind how the bacteria is killed by the antibiotics)

bacteria dies and the antibiotic ship takes off and continues its journey

Crewmember one –

Objective comlete, Bacteria destroyed returning to flight formation



antibiotic ship finds another bad bacteria

Crewmember one-

We have another bacteria incoming


Squad two advance on bacteria

crewmember one –

yes Sir

ship tries to fly near it but it gets pushed away

Crewmember one –

our ships can’t get near, I’ve not seen a bacteria like this

a heads up display pops up and explains why the antibiotic cannot fight the bacteria

narration-(explains the science behind why the bacteria is immune to the antibiotic)


all ships retreat the bacteria is too strong for us

antibiotic ship retreats because its weak

scene ends with bacteria multiply


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