inspiration for the ice age vehicle

Don’t really know where to go with my third vehicle (new ice age vehicle) had the idea to design a drill that will carve and build a track / road through the ice for a public transport vehicle to follow. The drill and public transport vehicle are separate. So far, the drill is made up of 4 parts – the drill, the part that freezes the water and forms the track, the part that forms the reinforcement for the tunnel and another part to flatten the floor, as it goes through the ice and creates a tunnel it collects water, which is re-frozen and used to strengthen the tunnel and stop it collapsing.
  • ·         Do I design and build the drill or
  • ·         Do I design how the drill works and build the public transport vehicle? I wont have enough time to build both. 
  • ·         I think the drill would be really interesting to build and this is what I’m swaying towards.
  • ·         It would be good if I could collaborate with someone, so I design and build one of the vehicles and someone else designs a concept.
  • ·         Or, do I go back to square one and design something for a different scenario

using a ramp, color correct, facing ratio 

I created a mock-up of my vehicle to work out correct sizes and scales

I've designed and created a steering mechanism similar to how a three wheeled motor bike works to steer. It still needs some adjustments as I feel the arms are a bit too long. This mechanism will also allow the wheels to fold up next to the sphere.

Legs for the zombie spider vehicle working on hydraulics and works in the same way as a digger arm. 

This is the beginnings of my lava vehicle. I am really happy with the shape of the body but I think I'm going to make the fan and the wings bigger and try to find a more interesting shape for the balloon. 

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