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New ice age vehicle design ideas


Zombie Vehicle description (Parts List)

Earth has been hit by an zombie apocalypse and you must get the ultimate zombie vehicle. this vehicle with keep you safe in any scenario and get you out of sticky situations for example if attacked by zombies or a rival gang this vehicle is equipped with reinforced, bulletproof materials. if you are  a long journey and need to take a rest this vehicle will watch your back while you sleep and weve all been there when you’re dying of dehydration and left your decontaminated water at home this vehicle will not only clean your water but will hold enough to last a week. based on a spider like concept the vehicle will keep you suspended in air, from six hydraulic legs to keep you away from the dangers on the ground. When out having as many eyes as possible watching your back will aid your chances of survival when scavenging this vehicle can seat up to eight of your close friends. you would think this vehicle would be loud but you are wrong fitted with a silent dampener system on each leg a…

Dynamics part 4: Directional Emitters


Zombie apocalypse design ideas

Zombie vehicle shape design

lava vehicle design ideas

Lava Vehicle shape design

Part 5 & 7 Depth of Field/Atmosphere

Part 5 Depth of Field

Part 7 Atmosphere

Dynamics Part 1: Sketching particles


Environment and Vehicle Conditions

Lava environment

1-lava on this world lava covers most of the ground, it is difficult for anyone to walk on the surface for a long period of time. 2-ash the ash created from the constantly erupting volcanoes could be a big problem, it could affect the temperature of this world as well visibility will be poor the society that lives on this world never leave their homes without fresh oxygen to breathe 3-visibility most of the time in this environment visibility is poor and sometimes pretty much impossible to see 4-volcanic winter the thick ash will cause a volcanic winter. The ash from the constantly erupting volcanoes will result in a global temperature change from ash blocking the sun’s rays making the air colder 5-how this world is powered It recycles the lava and uses the heat energy to create electricity to power peoples homes and businesses   6-living on the ground If an inhabitant of this world is unfortunate enough to live on the ground, they live in houses which are on tall reinfor…

Vehicle Mind Map Ideas


Part 14 Fog & Physical Sun and Sky


Dynamics parts 2: Particles Grids

Dynamics-Making realistic looking fog and applying it to a scene

Part 3 & 4: Arnold Ai_sss shared Ambient Occlusion and Wireframe

Wireframe   Ambient Occlusion

Ambient Occlusion settings

So in this week's lesson we looked at some of the shaders under the renderer Arnold including the ambient occlusion and the Ai_sss shader using the Ai_sss shader we was able to create realistic looking skin by using the color layers within the shader

Part 2: Arnold Ai-standard Shader

Ai-standard Shader In this week’s lesson we looked at the Ai_standard shader under the renderer Arnold and was given the task to make the scene as realistic as possible using just the shader. We learned how to make an object look like glass and how to get realistic looking surfaces fairly quickly and easily

Vehicle Design Ideas

For each environment, I have outlined some developed concepts for each vehicle and how I can incorporate the environment into the design for survival. I have considered problems that may arise and how each vehicle can use the environment for it's advantage. 
Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle
For the zombie apocalypse vehicle I’d like to create a vehicle that is on stilts, considering a spider-like design, so the main body of the vehicle is high up and is protected from anything below. A design like this would be beneficial as it will allow the vehicle to go all terrain, over walls that are under the vehicles maximum extension.  Also this vehicle is going to need something else to protect itself like a weapon, such as a taser like device that puts an electric charge through the legs of the vehicle. I’d like to run the engine off the zombie remains, for example if an oil could be made from the bodies and used to fuel the engine or having a big enough furnace in the vehicle to burn zombie bod…

part 1:Arnold light and rendering

Arnold area light  sky dome
mesh light

In today’s lesson we renderer Arnold and how it is used experimenting with the options is to offer Arnold is a very very quickly and easily lesson we looked at the renderer Arnold and how it is used experimenting with the lighting and the options it has two offer. Arnold gives a very realistic look very quickly and easily and look forward to learn more about Arnold and what else it has to offer.

My idea and environments

So after getting some feedback from Phil about my idea, I have decided to design three cars for three different extreme environments. Each car will have to be thought about in depth when designing to be able to cater for the extreme. By Christmas, I would hope to achieve three books/manuals containing the breakdown of the vehicles including the materials I’m using and their rendered textures, concept drawings and some of the more complicated elements of vehicles and orthograph drawings for modeling. I would like to try and collaborate with people experienced in the field to help design some of the features so I can get the vehicles working as realistically as possible. My three environments are zombie apocalypse, volcanic eruption and new Ice Age.

Zombie apocalypse Set in a futuristic dystopia, earth has been hit by an water borne plague that has wiped out half of humanity but instead of dying, the infected roam the planet in a zombified state.  In a world where these zombies have been …

Ideas for my final project

For my project I to come up with a scenario that would challenge life as we know it.  That might be an environmental or apocalyptic disaster but it results in a whole new world that mankind would need to adapt to. What would their vehicles look like for the scenario I choose?  To create a mode of transport that could adapt and cope with the environment.  To be as realistic as I can be I want to talk to car designers,scientists and engineers to find out theory regarding suitable materials for elements such as extreme heat or cold.
Environmental disaster: Solar flares Solar flares would impact the way we live one of the biggest impacts would be the use of electrical devices solar flares work the same as an EMP and would fry any electrical devices therefore the vehicle would have to have nonelectrical parts
things to consider when designing ·could study destroy atmosphere ·destroy the ozone layer ·extreme heat Too much vegetation a world covered in vegetation where every day more and more trees …

Artist toolkit submision

Helios concept body


Steering wheel and dashboard model


Gear shift mechanism and handbrake model