Arnold area light 
sky dome
mesh light

In today’s lesson we renderer Arnold and how it is used experimenting with the options is to offer Arnold is a very very quickly and easily lesson we looked at the renderer Arnold and how it is used experimenting with the lighting and the options it has two offer. Arnold gives a very realistic look very quickly and easily and look forward to learn more about Arnold and what else it has to offer.
So after getting some feedback from Phil about my idea, I have decided to design three cars for three different extreme environments. Each car will have to be thought about in depth when designing to be able to cater for the extreme. By Christmas, I would hope to achieve three books/manuals containing the breakdown of the vehicles including the materials I’m using and their rendered textures, concept drawings and some of the more complicated elements of vehicles and orthograph drawings for modeling. I would like to try and collaborate with people experienced in the field to help design some of the features so I can get the vehicles working as realistically as possible. My three environments are zombie apocalypse, volcanic eruption and new Ice Age.

Zombie apocalypse
Set in a futuristic dystopia, earth has been hit by an water borne plague that has wiped out half of humanity but instead of dying, the infected roam the planet in a zombified state.  In a world where these zombies have been roaming our planet for several years, the earth has been left as a battleground between zombies and survivors.  Rotting masses of zombie carcasses are everywhere. Towns and cities are slowly being reclaimed by vegetation. Getting from one place to another in search of supplies has become hazardous and fuel is becoming increasingly rare. 

volcanic eruption
an environment where volcanic eruptions are very frequent and we live on top of lava and rarely see any sunlight because of the amount of ash clouds in the sky. People are living in houses on stilts  on the volcano away from the main lava flow.  The only way to travel is by car as the heat is too much for us to walk on and the only way to be able to light the path to see where we are going.

new Ice Age
300 years into an Ice Age and humans have adapted to live with this radical change. Needs to be able to travel over vast stretched of ice in search of food and ice holes where the ice is thinner. 
White landscape. Tall wind turbines dominant the sky line . Homes are dug out and the only visible sign are the roofs with a yellow glow from the lights inside. Snow storms are frequent and roads are continuously being re-carved and dug out.


For my project I to come up with a scenario that would challenge life as we know it.  That might be an environmental or apocalyptic disaster but it results in a whole new world that mankind would need to adapt to.
What would their vehicles look like for the scenario I choose?  To create a mode of transport that could adapt and cope with the environment.  To be as realistic as I can be I want to talk to car designers,scientists and engineers to find out theory regarding suitable materials for elements such as extreme heat or cold.

Environmental disaster:
Solar flares
Solar flares would impact the way we live one of the biggest impacts would be the use of electrical devices solar flares work the same as an EMP and would fry any electrical devices therefore the vehicle would have to have nonelectrical parts

things to consider when designing
·         could study destroy atmosphere
·         destroy the ozone layer
·         extreme heat
Too much vegetation
a world covered in vegetation where every day more and more trees grow at a rapid rate

things to consider when designing
·         the vehicle would have to be very large or very small to be able to get around trees and through the vegetation
·         would need some sort tools to cut through vegetation
·         could the society use the vegetation to run the cars (e.g burning the wood from the trees to fuel the car)
A worldwide drought
a world dealing with extreme heat minimal water. The vehicle would have to be able to drive long distances without overheating if we is that far into a drought would we start to lose our oceans and with vehicles have to be able to travel over oceans that have disappeared

things to consider when designing
·         extreme heat
·         minimal water
·         rough terrain

Rising sea levels causing widespread flooding
If we was in a world where sea levels had risen would that be enough room for people to live or would people decide to live underwater with this vehicle have to be able to work underwater as well as above water.

things to consider when designing
·         Under water pressure
·         be able to work underwater

Constant/Tony is hurricanes / tornados
              an environment tussling with extreme winds
things to consider when designing
·         vehicle would have to have some sort system allowing it to be grappled to the ground when parked up
·         very heavy
·         vehicle would have to deal with control of the vehicle under high winds

New ice age
a new Ice Age where we have to struggle with heavy snow, ice, high winds, bad visibility, how would our vehicles look if we had to use them every day

things to consider when designing
·         extreme temperatures
·         the traction between the car and the floor
·         would it need to get under the ice and underwater
Toxic wasteland
if the whole world was covered in nuclear waste

things to consider when designing
·         the vehicle would have to be protected from radiation
·         could we run the vehicles of toxic waste this lining around
volcanic eruption
so if a load of volcanic abrupt covering the Earth’s surface how would our vehicles cope with driving over lava the extreme heat and the darkness

things to consider when designing
·         hot magma on the floor
·         Ash sky- how would this affect air get into the car and engine
·         extreme heat
me Thane Gas
what if in the air contained me Thane gas so that any sort of spark would set off an explosion

things to consider when designing
·         would have to run off something that didn’t have a spark
·         some sort of system that was airtight but could also all allow oxygen in the system to ignite a spark

Zombie invasion
 live in everyday plowing through zombies with your car just to get to work
·         extremely tough
·         reliable
·         would have to have some sort of way to keep you safe when getting in and out of your car

Change of hierarchy
man replaced by insects as top of the food chain.

build in the sky
if the ground was uninhabitable we lived in the sky vehicles would have to have some sort of way again between build and build
things to consider when designing
·         flying cars
·         magnetic or grappling system to get from building to building
·         be visible in clouds
build underground.
If we lived underground could we drill through the ground to make a are roads we have tunnels to be able to get from place to place

things to consider when designing
·         vehicle would have to be equipped with different kind of senses to be able to find its way around

What if we lived on Mars
possibility of living on a anothen planning with zero gravity

things to consider when designing
·         zero gravity
·         getting about at speed

So at the end of this project I would like to have designed a vehicle  purposely suited for one of these environments. Not sure how it to display my work maybe is a short animation or advert would like to use motion tracking in aftereffects to create a realistic representation of what the environment would look like
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