Wrong Ways You...... Pitch

“Wrong ways to…”*
wrong ways to annoy you mum
to hitch hike
to do up your car /boy racer
to park
to drive
to party
to dress for a funeral
to pack a bag
to play with Lego
to wear a tie
to discipline a child
to lose a game
to make a tea
to manage your uni loan

I want to go for comedy in this part of the adaptation project, my favorites are *To Park, *Play with Lego, *Tie a Tie and do up your car 

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  1. Wrong ways to dress at a funeral would be great!!

  2. Tom - Am I missing something? Where can I find your Maya / Film review submission?

  3. Hi Tom

    Pitch Feedback

    There’s a good and varied range of topics on your list Tom. And, I can see from your ‘top picks’ that you’re heading for comedy. Whilst I agree with your choices to a certain extent I can’t help but think that ‘dress at a funeral’ stand outs as having a high degree of potential. Other possibilities are ‘to park, to drive, and lose a game’. However, in all cases your approach means that you are now in charge of producing ‘factual spoof comedy’, remember this is not an animated short its and infographic so you need to be ‘savvy’ around that genre and its tropes. In many respects your title is an infographic in its own right, you could change the word per scene with an overall theme. For example, ‘Wrong ways to dress at a…’ then add funeral, wedding, retirement home, hospital and so on. This would stop your infographic becoming a one note joke – eg ‘play with Lego’ may give you that without a high degree of creativity. Give this idea some thought and be ready for your tutorial.