@phil Animation plot

Scene one

·         Animation starts with a black screen (crew talking about launch)

·         Lights on the mothership light up the mouth

·         mothership takes off and heads towards stomach

Scene two

·         mothership is in the stomach sitting on top of the stomach acid

·         the antibiotic is released from the mothership (crew talking about ship breaking down in the stomach acid)

·         the antibiotic ships make their way towards the stomach lining where they enter the bloodstream

scene three

·         antibiotic ships make their way through the bloodstream searching for the bad bacteria

·         antibiotic finds bad bacteria and lands on the surface

·         a tube from the antibiotic ship goes into the bad bacteria

·         A heads up display from inside the ship pops up and explains the process(explaining how the bacteria is killed)

·         bacteria dies and the antibiotic ship takes off and continues its journey.

Scene four

·         antibiotic ship finds another bad bacteria

·         this bacteria is immune the new antibiotic

·         ship tries to fly near it but it gets pushed away(camera view is from another ships perspective)

·         a heads up display pops up and explains why the antibiotic cannot fight the bacteria

·         antibiotic ship retreats because its weak
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1 comment:

  1. Okay - good - but as far as I can see you don't quite have an ending yet - is more exciting than it sounds - i.e. the ship retreats as a wave of bad bacteria swarm towards it, cliffhanger-style?