Reflective Statement

I have just completed the unit titled adaptation B in which I took the designs for the concept of the car Helios and I built it within the 3D software. I feel the project went well, I had my idea relatively early on in the project and was keen to get started on the modelling. My modelling skills have definitely improved and I believe my model was well built with strong detail, I would however have liked to have given it even more detail such as the trim around the doors and the rubber around the windows. As I went through the building I found more detail that I could have added and for which I did not have time. I should have started the rendering earlier to achieve the most realistic detail, I don't feel I have the best finish, I should have asked more questions of my tutors about the difficulties I had with the rendering.
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  1. Hi Tom - I think you can write more about your project than this. It needs more detail