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  1. OGR 04/03/2016

    Hi Tom,

    Okay - so I'm a bit confused as to your visual concept/intentions here: you've got the interior of the human body being expressed as sort of sci-fi corridors (okay, interesting...) but you've got your blood designed in a highly cartoony way, and then your bacteria look like little asteroids or planets, that become more colonised as they become immune (again, this is an interesting idea!) - but how does all of this stuff fit together in one design universe? I suggest you determine a style that can hold all your ideas together - or rather, derive your approach from perhaps one of your ideas: for example, if you make the human veins into sci-fi corridors, then logically, your bacteria become 'green-eyed monsters' as seen in old school science fiction b-movies, and your antibiotics become capsule-like spaceships or missiles etc. If however, you're going to go with the idea of the bacteria being like little planets that grow in size and complexity, then maybe your action needs to take place as if 'in space' (so not inside an environment at all) and you set up a kind of 'Space Invaders' vibe in which the body is protected by antibiotics that are firing at the incoming asteroids... My broad point is, I don't think all your ideas expressed here could or should occupy the same universe.

    I think you need to nail all of this down a little further and give your style and approach to framing this info more actual thought in design terms. Let me know when you've put together a more resolved concept.