Character profile

Character profile
Villain – tall, slim well dressed. Grumpy, moody, cruel towards his butler. Not a very good villain. Never succeeds.

Butler – a robot, super villain built years ago. Happy, timid around the villain, keen to help, kind, gentle.

Candidate 1 – Burger Man. Large man, burger cap, carries ketchup guns and milkshake in a tool belt. Never speaks. Always has a burger in his hand, pays little attention to what is going on around him.
Candidate 2 – name??? skinny, clumsy, excitable, moves quickly. Outfit is homemade but badly done. Too short in the leg, poorly sewn. Believes he has a death stare but people actually just think he is odd and so walk away.

Candidate 3 – name?? young street smart boy thinking he is a gangster but still has to be home when his mum says so. Would take anyone on…except his mum! Wears a hoody and a scarf, trainers. Confident. Has tantrums – throws himself on the floor kicking and screaming – childish. Makes people run away from him. 
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