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  1. OGR 20/11/2015

    Hi Tom,

    My first impression of your concept art is that it is a bit like a tourist's photograph of a famous landmark, where they've managed to crop the famous landmark out of the picture! The big building, with all its cladding, is clearly the star of the show, and yet it's being squeezed out of the composition and this feels like a wasted opportunity. I likewise think that the smaller buildings are too repetitive and samey; I'd suggest you create 3 iterations of those smaller buildings, and think about combining them using different orientations, and in this way you'll create a better sense of this city being busy and varied. Final observation would be I think you need to be more courageous in terms of your matte painting. Remember, you're being challenged to think about the matte painting as a means of set-extension, so creating more scope and scale in terms of the city itself. Again, this is an opportunity to lend richness and verisimilitude to your digital set.

    In general terms, I want to see much more attention to detail in terms of the architectural detailing of your set - for example, the kerbs and contouring around the base of your buildings, and the actual way in which the windows and doors sit within the shell of your structures: so ...

    The other thing you need to complete is your actual production art - which are fully rendered drawings of your 'hero assets' - so finished drawings of your buildings, as distinct from your orthographs; if you look at Charlie's OGR 2 and final WIM presentation, you'll see his production drawings as examples.