Environment and Vehicle Conditions

Lava environment

on this world lava covers most of the ground, it is difficult for anyone to walk on the surface for a long period of time.
the ash created from the constantly erupting volcanoes could be a big problem, it could affect the temperature of this world as well visibility will be poor the society that lives on this world never leave their homes without fresh oxygen to breathe
most of the time in this environment visibility is poor and sometimes pretty much impossible to see
4-volcanic winter
the thick ash will cause a volcanic winter. The ash from the constantly erupting volcanoes will result in a global temperature change from ash blocking the sun’s rays making the air colder
5-how this world is powered
It recycles the lava and uses the heat energy to create electricity to power peoples homes and businesses  
6-living on the ground
If an inhabitant of this world is unfortunate enough to live on the ground, they live in houses which are on tall reinforced stilts although temperature is warmer closer to the ground. The constant earthquakes will drive you mad.
7- living in the skies
These houses float high in the sky to escape the troubles associated with living on the surface.
People have air filtration systems in their houses to filter out the harmful chemicals and ash in the atmosphere so that inhabitants are able to have clean air and they won’t leave the house without oxygen cannisters.
The materials used in this environment must have an extremely high melting point. Tungsten is the preferred metal to use in this environment when building on the ground
with visibility being poor the majority of the time I think the best way of knowing your surroundings and of the vehicle uses when in your vehicle will be a radar system when in the vehicle
11-using energy from the environment
the vehicle designed for this environment will run off of the heat from the lava. by Heating up elements on the bottom of the vehicle it will allow the vehicle to transfer the energy into electricity to run functions within the vehicle
Having a vehicle airtight will allow a better driving experience for the user it will stop any ash smoke or bad smells from the getting outside the vehicle. This will mean the vehicle will have to have either oxygen tanks or an air filtration system.
as well as having to have a material with a high melting the material is also going to have to be light enough h to over about lava
14- hover
I’d like this vehicle to be able to hover above the lava using the same ideas and concepts behind a hot air balloon. One reason for this is to protect the vehicle against earthquakes and materials melting against the lava
I would like the car to be inspired by the shape of a drone with four extended arms from each corner that main body of the vehicle, each of these will have a hot air ballon like attachment to allow the vehicle to hover
16-hot air balloon concept
I’d like the vehicle to use the same concept as a hot air balloon that hot air fills bags with hot air to raise the vehicles off the ground.
17- movement of the vehicle
As hot air balloons have little control I’d like to add a fan similar to a hovercraft or some sort of claw system that will allow it to pull itself forwards.

New Ice Age

the environment is extremely cold most of the being in minus numbers
2-snow and ice
think snow and ice covering the whole planet reaching thicknesses of 300m from the Earth’s crust to the surface of the snow
3-bad days
on the surface high winds and blizzards are frequent
4-sunny days
on sunny days the sun reflects off the snow making it extremely hard to see
5-underground civilization
The Civilization lives underground
6-ground source energy
houses built low enough to the Earth’s crust use ground source energy for hot water and some power needs
the main source of food is fish not always the easiest to get, as breaking through the ice to get to the water can cause some difficulty.
8-underground vehicles
the vehicle for this environment will be able to dig under the snow and ice having a vehicle that can travel underground will be a big benefit in this environment allow the vehicle get to underground houses and fish under the thick ice.
9-getting trapped
this vehicle is going to have some safety measures in case of emergencies, such as if you trapped under the snow falling in snow caves and get your vehicle, Drilling into to sea and the vehicle sinking.
with the vehicles digging underground will this cause cave-ins where snow from the top fall blocking the underground caves/channels and creating ruts on the surface
11-vision underground
to be able to see when driving this vehicle under the ground it will be fitted with some sort of heat or x-ray vision to be able to comprehend what is in front of you when driving. A radar system could also be a good idea.
12-keeping warm
keeping warm in this vehicle will be will be vital to the survival of occupants inside, having heaters in the car will not only keep the occupants warm but also works as a way of calling down the engine. Heated seats and steering will be fitted
13-ice drill concept
I’d like the vehicle to drill through the ice in the same way and ice drill works by either heating up or drilling through ice leaving the middle ice section behind
14-public transport system

I think the public transport system could work better for this environment, although people would have their own vehicles for travelling along the surface, these vehicles can also attach to an underground system like a train that can get them from a to b quickly and safely. 

zombie apocalypse

in this environment there are flesh eating zombies that will do anything to get the teeth into some human meat. The zombies prefer the dark but you still see them in the day. The ratio of humans to zombies is 1 human to 50 zombies
2-the streets
The streets are mostly empty but if there is a loud noise or the zombies can smell you the streets within minutes will be swarming with zombies
3-the disease
the disease is a waterborne and affected millions of millions people very quickly when it was first discovered. Finding clean water in this environment can be a struggle
4-drinking water
drinking water has to be cleaned, filtered out and tested before anyone can drink it.
The houses they live in are well built protected fortresses, normally housing small groups of people
Most people are friendly, but no one lives in a bigger group than 12 due to the way viruses spread. Living in smaller groups decreases the chance of catching the infection. Having groups between 6-12 people means there are more eyes and more protection
People have made their own farms and have their own livestock but this causes a lot of problems with watering plants and water for animals as this disease can be passed through water.
There are gangs/pirates roaming the environment wanting supplies that you have
9-maslow’s triangle of needs
For my vehicle I’d like to get as many of Maslow’s needs into the vehicle, such as clean drinking water, food storage, warmth and safety. I want there to be enough room for passengers.
The vehicle needs to be well protected to not only protect itself from zombies and gangs. The vehicle will be equipped with weapons and bullet proof armour. Taser system for the legs and body of the vehicle.
11-plan B
In this environment there’s got to be a back-up plan as things can turn at any time. Hidden door, ejector seat/body
12-zombie energy
We burn zombie bodies (making an oil) to make power to run the vehicles
13-spider concept

I’d like to go for a vehicle which is on tall legs to be out of reach from zombies. Zombies wouldn’t be able to reach the main body of the car. Having spider like legs could help climb over obstacles such as small rivers, fallen trees and buildings.
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