Vehicle Design Ideas

For each environment, I have outlined some developed concepts for each vehicle and how I can incorporate the environment into the design for survival. I have considered problems that may arise and how each vehicle can use the environment for it's advantage. 

Zombie Apocalypse Vehicle

For the zombie apocalypse vehicle I’d like to create a vehicle that is on stilts, considering a spider-like design, so the main body of the vehicle is high up and is protected from anything below. A design like this would be beneficial as it will allow the vehicle to go all terrain, over walls that are under the vehicles maximum extension.  Also this vehicle is going to need something else to protect itself like a weapon, such as a taser like device that puts an electric charge through the legs of the vehicle. I’d like to run the engine off the zombie remains, for example if an oil could be made from the bodies and used to fuel the engine or having a big enough furnace in the vehicle to burn zombie bodies in.

Lava Environment Vehicle

The lava vehicle would have to be made from a material with an extremely high melting point and that does not get too hot when touched. The insulation and cooling system will have to be thought about to make sure it does not get to hot inside the vehicle. If possible I’d like this vehicle to be able to hover above the lava using the heat from the floor to lift the vehicle off the ground, similar to the function of a hot air balloon. When driving this vehicle visibility in thick ash could be an issue for this I suggest bright lights and spotlights are fitted around the vehicle these lights will have to be contrasting to the glow of lava, also some sort of radar system could work very well to see other users and objects on the road.

New Ice Age Vehicle

For the new Ice Age I’d like to create a vehicle that can dig under the snow. This brings a lot of issues, for instance if the vehicle is burrowing underneath the snow will it cause the snow to collapse behind the vehicle leaving the holes and trails on the surface of the snow.  If everyone had one of these vehicles this problem would arise more frequently, maybe this vehicle would work better as a public transport vehicle in this new age. To be able to see when driving this vehicle I would like some sort of x-ray windscreen to be able to see what is ahead of you.
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