Adaptation A Submission

Reflective Statement:

For this project i found that the time given was challenging but enjoyed the challenges it produced. I originally wanted to use 3D models for my go-kart, even though I designed and modelled the car I decided to not use it in the end. I quite enjoyed the overall project and learnt to create good graphics and get around certain problems within the program After Affects.
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  1. Hi Tom - just watched this trailer... maybe you've just found your 'Chapter 3' case-study?

  2. Okay, Tom, just dropping by with a few ideas in regards to seeking to put some theoretical context around your theme of 'surveillance and conspiracy' and the digital age (perhaps as embodied by Black Mirror episodes, Orwell's 1984 (from where we get the term 'Big Brother Is Watching You', or indeed by the film given above).

    One BIG concept/metaphor is that of the Panopticon, as originated by the philosopher, Jeremy Bentham:

    Also - Michel Foucault's work 'Discipline & Punish'

    This is a terrifying list!

    In terms of a basis for a structure, I think 'The Panopticon' would make for a very valuable first chapter - because arguably, Bentham's idea for a prison in which all the inmates can be surveilled at one time might the the 'birthplace' of surveillance - it would certainly be a logical starting place. I don't know how much of a reader you are, but I'd certainly get 1984 under your belt: there are some film versions (though the book is the mothership and you should commit to it):

    1984 : (1956)
    Nineteen Eighty-Four : (1984)

    Anyway - start with the Panopticon - It's the 'top of the cone' for you... :)