wrong ways to build a go kart (infographic idea)

Wrong ways to build a go kart

-using you mums kitchen cupboards for wood

-wheels from sister pram

-square wheels

- using the  wrong materials

- not bolting on the wheels

-steering wheel at the back

-seat facing the wong way

- brakes

- can hold your weight

-don’t make it complicated

-Double check your kart is secure (don’t want bits falling off)


My infographic will be a split screen of 2 characters, one building the go kart wrong and the other doing it right. Two characters will be a father and son and both are really competitive and want to build the best kart.

I want there to be a narrator and not have a script for the characters, I want the narrator to interact with the characters but for them to only react back physically.

I’d like to create it using 3D models and placing it on a plain background to make the characters stand out and with a few props in the background relating to the scene. I am not sure how I want to create the character models, either in 3D with 2D facial rigging or as 2D planes
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