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  1. Hi Tom,

    Great to see you getting to grips with the presentational aspect of your project. There is lots going on here, and I think importantly, a few things that you should grab on to and expand.

    Personally, I think your pages could be sparser. For example, the influence pages feel cramped. The images could be a little smaller. Or perhaps spread over more pages. I think spacing is key. Let the work breathe a little. That also means perhaps shrinking your title font a little.

    I like the sketch pages, but again, more tuned spacing and a bit of cleanup on the scans would help. (We can address this next week.)

    I also think the full page concepts can be exactly that, full page. So get rid of the small black border and let the art fill the full page.

    The next task is to start adding some text to give your work some context. For example, the bacteria colour comps could be a double page. One the left page, the three colour comps. On the right, a small paragraph explaining your ideas.

    I know this all sounds like a jumble of different changes, but bringing the book together will all be down to spacing of assets. Keep developing more pages as you progress, and we'll talk more next week about these subtle changes.