my updated story

Premise –  dreams and resourcefulness lead to freedom
Logline – a story about a gnome thrown in to the shed by the new house owners and unable to get out because of the ferocious dog that patrols the garden day and night.  He comes up with a daring escape plan when he discovers there is a chance of a new life next door.
Outline - The garden is gnome has been thrown in the shed by the new home owners  he spends his days staring out across what used to be his garden. There is a furious dog that patrols the garden.  After a storm part the fence between this house and next door has been blown over and the Gnome can see something in the distance but he cannot quite make out what it is.
•             In the shed has various old tools, pots, bits of metal, string, wood, boxes of ‘stuff’ including old camera, pipes, fishing reel and hook
•             Fence is partly down, leaning which enables him to see in to the next garden but the dog cannot get through
•             As the gnome looks around the shed he comes up with an idea – to build a telescope.
•             He sets about finding what he needs to build his telescope
•             He builds the telescope
•             Happily climbs up to look out of the window, uses his telescope and sees in to the garden next door
•             There are gnomes in the garden next door.
•             He then becomes sad again and wants to get out of the shed.
•             He devises a new plan, he has learnt that the dog runs to the gate every time the postman comes, this is his opportunity to make a run for it.
•             There is a hole in the shed roof where a branch has come through he uses  this as his escape route.  He never had a reason to escape before.
•             Next day he waits for the dog to go to the gate, breaks out the shed, uses the washing line as a zip-line, drops in the flower bed, runs along the edge to the water fountain, then across to the and runs across the grass to the broken fence panel.
•             Keeps looking over his shoulder for the dog.
•             Dog seems him at last minute and runs over just as the gnome slips through the small gap to next door. Dog is barking but the gnome is through.
•             He is welcomed in to his new family.
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  1. This is sounding promising :) I like the image of him using the washing line as a zip wire :D

  2. Agreed - well done, Tom for dealing with some of the 'logic problems' in your original set up; your challenge now is to get the set-up (i.e. happy gnome in garden, then house is sold, now new owners throw gnome in shed) on screen in such a way as it communicates, but doesn't take up too much of your screen time. Looking forward to you developing this into your final script, Tom.